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Who Needs To Allocate?

But asset allocation is ideal for those of us who aren’t psychic, who need money in the foreseeable future and who are prone to do silly things if our net worth dips too fast.By balancing the types of assets we own among stocks, bonds, and cash, we trade the best? returns we’d get if we timed the markets perfectly for predictability and piece of mind.No one mix of assets is right for everyone all the time. Those closer to needing their money may put a premium on predictability. For them, an asset allocation that tries to minimize losses is a good choice. But that same allocation would be a poor choice for a young investor with 40 years to go before retirement. It sacrifices too much potential return for safety that this investor doesn’t need.


Traditional and Roth Combo IRA Kit & Additional Required Document :

  •  – Complete the Investment Club Agreement
  • – Enclose a copy of your Investment Club agreement including signature page.
  • – Application to be signed by a authorized traders.
  • – Complete the Qualified Plan Certification Form.
  • – The Brokerage Account Application must be signed by all.

Traditional and Roth Combo IRA Kit & Additional Required Document :

Traditional and Roth Combo IRA Kit & Additional Required Document :

Correspondent Custodial Qualified Plan Acct
Plan Document for Profit Sharing, Individual(k) and Money Purchase Plans

  •  – All joint owners must sign the Account Application.


Rule 144 Form (*.rar)

– Both the account holder and the authorized trader must sign the form.

– Complete the Letter of Authorization which corresponds to the action you wish to take.
– All account holders must sign the form.

– If transferring from a brokerage firm, complete the Account Transfer Form.
– If transferring from a Mutual Fund company, complete one Account Transfer Form per fund that will be transferred.
– Make sure the account at Globalink is registered in the same name(s) as the sending firm.
– Enclose a copy of a recent statement from the sending firm.
– All account holders must sign on bottom of page.